Do you have a checklist for organising my wedding?

Organising a wedding is a whole operation, from finding the location to the groom’s hair appointment, which is why it’s important to not forget anything. Start on time: the earlier you start, the easier it will be to correct mistakes. This is the ideal wedding checklist for every wedding planner or wedding couple. Start almost one year in advance.

Six months and more: location, family and friends, budget

This is the most important phase of the wedding checklist. The earlier you start (up to one year before), the better. This list will help you determine when, where and how you want to marry. Take enough time to discuss important choices as a couple, with external help if needed.

  • Inform your parents.
  • Ask the witnesses.
  • Hire a wedding planner if needed.
  • Determine the maximum you want to spend for your wedding.
  • Make a first estimation of your budget.
  • Think about how many people you can and want to invite.
  • Make the first draft of guest list.
  • Book the church and/or city hall.
  • Book a nice wedding location in the area for the dinner or reception.
  • Buy wedding insurance if needed.
  • Make the first draft of your action plan.
  • Think about the band and a photographer/videographer, contact them if needed to find out about dates and preferences.
  • Take dancing lessons.

3-6 months: suppliers, action plan, dress

It’s time to get more specific. This is the stage at which you will sign all the agreements. It’s also the time when you take care of your appearance, including the famous bridal gown.

  • Unofficially inform your good friends and family who you absolutely want to have on your wedding day.
  • Have you already booked your honeymoon, if you are going on one?
  • Register your wedding at the right location.
  • Make sure that all the agreements with suppliers have been signed, like, for example, transportation, location, photographer, caterer, band, etc.
  • Ask your boss to take days off for the wedding and the day after.
  • Have you already booked the bridal suite?
  • It is time to choose the dress, shoes and accessories.
  • Are there children involved in the wedding? Discuss the clothes they will wear.
  • Have you sent the invitations? Order them with the right envelopes from the printer.
  • Make an appointment with the notary for the wedding contract and/or to find out about any legal matters.
  • Have you taken care of the thankyous for the guests?
  • Choose a nice wedding cake from the baker’s.

1-2 months: invitations, bridal bouquet, rings

Your wedding day is slowly approaching. It’s time to take care of the details. At this stage, you will send the invitations, take care of the bridal bouquet and draw up the seating plans for the wedding day.

  • Send the invitations.
  • Check to see if your passports and birth certificates are still valid.
  • Buy gifts for special guests.
  • Discuss the program with the master of ceremonies.
  • Make a guest list.
  • Draw up a seating plan based on the guests.
  • Choose a nice bridal bouquet.
  • The groom should find a nice suit.
  • Are you using your engagement rings? If not, buy rings.
  • Discuss who will handle the rings.

2-4 weeks: buy clothes, plan stag/hen do, book registrar

At this stage, most things should already be taken care of. Check them one more time. And then, there’s always the famous stag/hen do.

  • Run down the ceremony with the registrar.
  • The bride tries on the wedding dress one more time and the groom his suit. Check that all the accessories are there.
  • Work in your wedding shoes on time.
  • At this stage, the stag/hen do often takes place
  • Buy a reception book the guests can write in.
  • Review the action plan with the master of ceremonies.
  • Think about what you want to do during your honeymoon.

One week: last check of the route, location, checklist

And now, the date is getting closer. Luckily, you’ve taken care of most things in every detail thanks to the wedding checklist. A week in advance, check the following things:

  • Review the agreements with the different locations you’ve booked (ideally, the location itself, then for example, wedding venues in north London).
  • Drive the route to city hall one more time.
  • Has the groom been to the hairdresser?
  • Draw up a speech for your wedding day, if needed.
  • Check the weather. Sort out some umbrellas if needed.
  • Relax. You should also enjoy your day!

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