How to plan your wedding day?

People know about your impending nuptials, you will get married, and the wedding will be fantastic. You already have many ideas about the ideal wedding day, but planning a wedding is not an easy thing to do.

When will it take place and how will the day unfold? Also very important: where are you going to get married? For people who live outside of London centre, there are also great other venues, for example wedding venues in north London.

Here below, discover tips to help you plan:

Choose a date

Choosing the date is surely one of the first things you’ll do when planning your wedding.

You can opt for a romantic date, like the day you met or the day your relationship was official. There are also practical aspects that are very important: at certain dates, some wedding venues will be more expensive or no longer be available, and there are also days when your family and friends cannot come.

Moreover, take into account major events and holidays as well as the weather expected, even if in London, you never know how that will go.

Consider everything properly, but be sure to make a decision on time, at least eight to twelve months in advance.

Find your dream location

Finding a dream location is possibly the most difficult choice: from a cosy pub in your own village or city to a graded building with a castle, the possibilities seem endless.

Discuss what you have in mind and start looking for locations that please you and fit into your budget.

Of course, think about the atmosphere, but also the capacity (not too big or too small) and the possibilities when it comes to music, decorations and caterer. Also make sure that the wedding is easily accessible for your guests or that they are able to stay the night in the area.

Here is an example of venues in London.

When you search, you will run into the most common locations as well as special locations like museums, football stadiums and even zoos. There are many special event venues in London.

Draw up your guest list

You probably already have a preference for a small or a big wedding, or something in between. The amount of people that you can invite will depend on the wedding location you’ve chosen and on your budget. The more you have guests, the more it will all cost. Together or separately, make a list of people you really want to invite. You can also make a distinction between day guests and evening guests. Do not feel obliged to invite people! It’s your party, so you get to decide.

Take into account your budget

The best for your wedding would be not to have to think about money, but for most people, this isn’t an option. It’s tempting to want to spend a lot of money for the perfect wedding, but also with a smaller budget, your dream wedding can also become a reality.

Do make sure that you draw up a clear budget well in advance and know what your priorities are. If the location is very important to you, then allocate more for this in your budget. If there are other things that you find less important, you can even save money on them. As well, it’s always good to set aside 10% of your total budget for unexpected expenses.

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