What are the advantages of a meeting package?

They come in all shapes and sizes, from an hourly package to an entirely comprehensive five-day meeting package. Knowing how much time you need will help you decide whether or not to opt for a package or book all the parts separately. Find out about what the most important advantages of a meeting package are in this article.

Coffee, tea, lunch, dinner, all taken care of

Many meeting locations are operated by professional hospitality entrepreneurs, which means that the coffee and lunch are often of a higher quality than a supermarket sandwich.

Moreover, it’s nice not having to worry about what and where you’re going to eat before, during and right after the meeting.

With many meeting packages, unlimited coffee and tea are included. Are you a coffee lover? Then be sure to check what kind of coffee the venue has, as not every location has a barista.

No messing with tech that doesn’t work

You want to concentrate on the content. And it’s annoying when the projector doesn’t work or that there’s no whiteboard available. Or the audio of the video you wanted to show is not loud enough.

A professional provider of meeting packages ensures that technical matters and facilities are always in working order. And should things not work, you can always get someone how knows exactly how the equipment works to fix it.

Always check which facilities are available beforehand. How fast is the Wi-Fi? How many wall sockets are there are for laptops and where are they?

Maybe not actually part of the tech, but just as important: be sure to ask about what meeting configurations are possible. From U-shape to square or theatre, every configuration has its own advantages.

An overnight stay is possible

For intensive meeting sessions of a few days or when a number of participants must come from further away, it’s useful to stay at or not far from the meeting location. For example, when staying at a conference venues in London.

Stays are also included for 24, 36 or 72-hour meeting packages. Often, the combined booking of the meeting, stay and the facilities is less expensive than when you book every part separately. Make sure that quiet rooms are included in your package. For example, not rooms at the front of a hotel.

Get clarity about the price beforehand

It is often small expenses that drive up the total amount. By booking a meeting package, you know beforehand that all costs for the day are clearly included, therefore avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

Some meeting locations also offer relaxing breaks in their package. For example, pitch and putt golf or a bike ride in the area.

Many meeting packages available

The market for London venues is quite competitive. You can pick up the best deals from a large offering and book the best meeting packages.

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