What is the added value of a special meeting location?

London has so many unique meeting locations, but still we often choose the well-known or safe option.

Why not once book special conference venues in London or a unique event space in London?

Choosing special venues in London is more than a gimmick. Find out a few of the most important advantages.

The right inspiration

Every kind of discussion deserves its own matching environment.

  • Is it for a summer brainstorming session?
  • An important strategic decision?
  • A large-scale meeting of several departments?
  • A meeting where team spirit is the main focus?
  • A business deal with tough negotiations?

One meeting will work better in a secluded location (monastery or farm), while another will thrive in a busy place in the centre of town (for example, a hotel).

Look for an environment with the right atmosphere for the meeting. Also think about what space and configuration will work to your advantage.

Impress your contacts

Sometimes having a meeting is also a bit of relationship management. You wanted to handle certain matters by email or phone, but it is in fact nice to see each other face to face.

And while you’re at it, why not in a beautiful setting?

With a meeting at a special location, like an estate, a castle or a graded building, you show your partners that you appreciate them.

Focus entirely on the content

At the office, there are often a lot of interruptions. It’s very tempting for participants to leave their smartphones on the table or leave a bit earlier or arrive a bit later.

With a special meeting location, you can concentrate entirely on the content. Leaving early is sometimes physically not even possible (for example, on a ship).

Moreover, with many meeting locations, you don’t have to think about food or how to connect a laptop to the projector, as technical support and catering is entirely sorted.

Fresh air, fresh ideas

Many unique meeting locations are in the middle of nature, which lends itself perfectly for a nice walk, which is often when good ideas pop up. Taking a walk also increases your dopamine levels, which is much needed during long days with complicated negotiations.

As well, a special location (farm, park, zoo) where visitors come in contact with animals is often inspiring.

No prying eyes!

What is discussed in meetings should often remain private, but some discussions are quite sensitive. For example, it would be better if even the participants list of the meeting was not made public.

Unique locations are perfect for these types of meetings. Far away from the prying eyes of the outside world, you can negotiate successfully or hold consultations in peace and quiet.

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