What is the added value of meeting outdoors?

Many Londoners don’t jump for joy when they get invited to a meeting. It means staring at a screen again in a boring boardroom under fluorescent lighting, while it could all happen differently. With an original location, you change the entire dynamic and also the results of brainstorming, team meeting or a strategic consultation, for example. Meeting outdoors is great for this. Find out the most important reasons why:

An informal setting is good for team spirit

During a day in the forest or the heath, you’ll wear different clothes than you would at the office. You’ll feel the wind blow, the sun on your face, you’ll see birds fly overhead and you’ll have a quiet view with lots of green.

This means you will relax, as will your colleagues. A relaxed meeting atmosphere will contribute to a productive result. It’s a good thing for people who need to concentrate for long periods of time, pondering an important matter. At the same time, you’ll get to know your colleagues better in an informal setting.

Meeting outdoors does not have to be hours away from your office (not everyone likes to get up at 6 am). Moreover, conference venues in London can also be close to green surroundings.

Not staring at a screen for a while

How many hours a day do you spend at your computer or on your smartphone? Maybe more than you want to. It seems that at work, we all have to be constantly plugged in.

Maybe you won’t have a Wi-Fi connection for a moment out in the woods, but most meeting locations outdoors do have a fast Internet connection. And right in the middle of nature, you’ll be less inclined to grab your smartphone. That’s not only good for a short digital break, but you’ll also notice that colleagues will be less quickly distracted and you’ll be able to come with possible solutions for issues together more easily.

Taking a walk increases creativity

According to speaker Nilofer Merchant, sitting is the new evil of our time.

She suggests an alternative. Why not hold a meeting while taking a walk? Taking a 30-60 minute walk a day increases the production of dopamine during which, people get creative ideas more quickly.

For those who take outdoor walks, it’s good to see if all your colleagues are OK with it. Due to different or hidden physical limitations, it’s not always possible to take a walk together.

Take into account London weather

It’s good to be outdoors, but it’s not necessary to make it a survival tour. It’s the change between outdoors and indoors that makes it interesting.

Moreover, with London weather, you never know.

For example, it’s a good idea to choose an event space in London close to nature. You then have the best of both worlds. For example, in the morning, take a walk with the team and in the afternoon, make decisions in an environment conducive to work.

Find a unique location

There are many locations to meet outdoors in London. Don’t just choose the first one!

Here are a few exceptional locations to meet outdoors:

  • Hold a meeting at a zoo.
  • Hold a team meeting at a farm.
  • Find a cabin or a hotel in the forest.
  • Stay close to the office, and meet in a city park.
  • Hold a meeting on a boat.
  • Hold a meeting on an estate.
  • Hold a meeting at a monastery located in a rural area.
  • Hold a meeting on water (beach, island, lake, river).

Quickly find your perfect location