How to find an inspiring meeting location

‘Inspiring’ is a difficult concept. While one person has a whole bunch of good ideas, another person might think it’s overwhelming. However, it all depends on your meeting’s precise goal. In this article on inspiring meeting locations, we will give you a few tips.

Why would you want an inspiring meeting location?

There are all kinds of meetings. And at every meeting, every person has their own goal. For example:

  • The weekly team meeting (catching each other up).
  • Meeting with a client (gaining trust, giving feedback).
  • Management or project meeting (making decisions).
  • Teambuilding (getting new ideas).
  • Strategic meeting (making long-term plans).

For each of these discussions, you can create an inspiring environment. For time and budget reasons, it’s not always obvious to hold every team meeting in an exceptional location. Meeting with the team in a luxurious restaurant could contribute to a group feeling and mutual understanding.

Before booking a meeting location, always think about the goal of your meeting, what kind of environment the participants (and the nature of their function and character) is the best for them and how the environment contributes to this.

Here are a few ideas:

Let nature inspire you

‘Variety is the spice of life’. This is also true for the environment in which you find yourself. If, usually, you meet up in town, like at venues in London, then it could be useful to go to the country or in green surroundings to change it up.

The advantages of holding a meeting in green surroundings:

  • During a walk, you will get new ideas.
  • There are less distractions than in town.
  • Fresh air is also physically good for people.
  • ⦁ More space at a nice price.

For example, an inspiring meeting location in green surroundings is practical when you want to do teambuilding for a new conference or write a strategy plan for the coming years.

A meeting hall with art

Ideas never fall out of the sky. Art that inspires you will encourage the creative process. Luckily, there are many museums where you can hold meetings in London. For example, there are also churches, monasteries or manors where you can often enjoy beautiful paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Besides inspiration, meeting up in an environment with art is also in good taste, especially if you want to make a good impression with clients or other contacts.

Inspired by architecture

London has all kinds of superb buildings. Renting out an office full time at a London mansion can be expensive, but you can of course rent a meeting space in a castle, theatre or industrial heritage for a special occasion.

Are you looking for conference venues in London? For example, a location with a great view of the city or another location with a choice of graded buildings in the city centre?

Practical urban locations are easy to reach for important international participants in a short time, such as for a discussion in order to make decisions.

Sharing a good meal is also very inspiring

Is a hall in a hotel or a congress centre uninspiring? It really depends on who you ask.

A good advantage of meeting at a professional hall is that there’s often good catering. One person is inspired by Salvador Dalí, while another might get more ideas while eating a good salmon sandwich for lunch.

The best is to combine both. And if you have to choose because of the budget, then take into account the audience.

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