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Is a company outing different than a team outing?

Company outing, a team outing, a staff event, it all sounds like many descriptions for exactly the same thing. However, there are differences between what you do with your entire organisation and with a closed team. In this article, find out about what you should look out for in both cases.

When should you organise a company outing?

Many organisations are so big that the people from different divisions barely know each other because they live on their own island. As well, different teams often work in different places. This is why it’s good from time to time to pay attention to what brings you together as an organisation. A company outing is a good way to do just that.

Some organisations choose a fixed company outing for a certain anniversary, like, for example, that of the company. Sometimes, it’s also good to organise a company outing following serious changes like a merger or a reorganisation.

Depending on the activity, it is a good idea to organise it at a certain time of the year. An outdoor activity is a good idea right before or after the summer holidays. Make sure to always check whether this date works for everyone (or in any case, for most people) within the company. Make sure that the team managers also take the work to be done into account when planning the company outing.

Good activities and location for a company outing

Happy employees work more and longer. Organising a nice activity can be a goal in itself for a company outing. For example, a big party at one of the event venues in London.

But there are also many other reasons why you can organise a staff outing, so think about it well in advance. For example, do you want to let employees from different departments get to know each other? Then think about an activity that does this. This way, you can mix different teams for a scavenger hunt or an escape room visit.

When should you organise a team outing?

A team outing can strengthen ties within a team or department. But watch out, a department outing is not a guarantee of success. Are relations tense at the moment? Or do you already know that they are people who aren’t fans of team outings? Then, maybe you shouldn’t go ahead with it after all.

Many teams do not like doing something together that is not work-related. Of course, if it’s something like Friday night drinks but during a team outing, it is also doing something together. Who knows, maybe you’ll discover unexpected talent! It’s a good idea to plan this in a quiet period.

Good activities and a good location for a team outing

For a team outing, you often have a bigger budget per person than when the entire company staff is participating, which is why you also need to come up with something special. In any case, make sure that food and drinks are included or else it will not go over well.

These days, there are a large number of activities you can do. Everyone has surely already done some cheese tasting or gone karting, but for adventurous types, there is, for example also bubble football, laser squash or even parachuting. Moreover, it is important to ask your team (if need be, anonymously using an online form) and be sure that everyone wants to do a similar activity.

Can you also combine both?

Of course, you can also combine a big staff day with a team outing. For example, during the day, the teams do something amongst themselves and during the evening programme in a plenary room there is entertainment for the entire company. Do you have colleagues who need to come from outside the country? Then make sure to book a location close to an airport or major train station. For example, find out about venues in London.

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